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Arrival & Dismissal

FSA Arrival
  • Morning arrival will be right at the entrance of campus as illustrated in the above picture.
  • You will be welcomed by our faculty members and your children will be taken to the cafeteria to wait for the beginning of first period
  • If you need to park your car, please use only designated parking areas. No car should park in the morning arrival area to keep traffic running smoothly.
FSA Dismissal
Please read following instructions carefully:
  • Arrival will still continue to be the same for all students. There is no change there.
  • For dismissal, we will use the arrival area as well. Since it is sheltered, it will be easy to do dismissal during rainy days. 
  • Please note the difference in the traffic flow carefully. There will be staff members guiding you during the process.
  • Please see dismissal hours here:
    • First dismissal is at 3:30pm. 
    • Second dismissal is at 4:20pm.
  • We will use barcode check-in during dismissal.
    • During 1st dismissal at 3:30, students will be sent to dismissal area from classes as their name appear on the screen. First dismissal ends at 3:40.
    • During 2nd dismissal all students will be taken to dismissal area directly to increase the efficiency of carpool. Each class has an assigned location at the carpool area.
  • Dismissal for Pre-K and Kindergarten students will be from the door on the left side of the building. 
    • We kindly ask Pre-K and Kindergarten families to park and pick up their children from left side door. Teachers will be waiting for families there. 
    • Pre-K and Kindergarten families who have children in other grades should then join carpool line to pick-up their children in other grades.  
    • If you have no children in other grades, then you may easily leave the building since the exit road is wide open.
  • The second dismissal will continue till carpool is over. After that students will be taken to cafeteria for after school care. 
  • After the second dismissal, families should use main door to pick up their children. This applies to students in after school care, band, orchestra, and other late academic team studies.